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StadyState a microsoft shareware for controlling shared computer acces

It’s a kind of DeepFreeze, but its free of charge and  you can download from microsoft web page.

Basically this controlling shared computer access software could be used in my school to control this kind of situations:

What state is your shared computer in at the end of the day?

  • Hard disk filled with downloaded files?
  • Strange options configured?
  • Programs installed that you don’t want?
  • System infected with viruses and spyware?
  • Computer bogged down for unknown reasons?

If you want that every day that you turn class computers on these remain in the same way that the administrator installed or configured it this kind of software take the job to remove all the new files (programs, viruses,etc) and new configurations that everyone of  the multiple persons that use the same computer can perform during a day.

With this prevention process the administration of a classroom computer becomes a straightforward activity and not a continuous headache.

We use deepfreeze but I think that in some ways SteadyState it’s better. First of all, the price, deepfreeze is a commercial product and steadystate is free. At the same time I’ve been reading that is more easy in steadystate to be updated. You don’t have to use tackled processes of unfreezing-installing-rebooting-freezing in order to be updated or everytime you want to install new software.

I think that we will get a try to this software in our high school